Carpet Cleaning Arlington VA

About Beto's Carpet Cleaning

Founded in 2000 by Humberto Orellana, Beto's Carpet Cleaning, consists of general carpet cleaning services, pet odor and stain removal, machinery rentals, and general cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in Virginia.

Since the company's start, Humberto and his team have achieved excellent performance in service and built outstanding credibility among community members. Humberto Orellana is known for his excellent results and his ability to provide individualized care, attention, and reliability to his customers.

Service Delivery

Service procedures, expected results, employee performance, and the equipment are top-notch to ensure a thorough cleaning for each property. Employees receive continuous training, use the latest cleaning techniques, and abide by standard regulations at every jobsite.

Our procedures for washing and cleaning include:

• Identifying the Area to Be Cleaned
• Determining the Stains According to the Color &  Type of Carpet
• Corner-to-Corner Vacuuming
• Cleansing Heavily Soiled Traffic Areas with Stain Remover
• Brushing & Removing Stains

• Cleansing Area with Shampoo
• Immediately Removing Shampooed Water
  & Residues with Carpet Cleaning Machine
• Ventilating the Cleaned Area

Commitment with Quality
To guarantee that you receive quality service, our personnel use their ability, knowledge, and skills to achieve the desired results. Trained personnel who follow strict procedures and utilize the appropriate equipment for the job to execute all tasks. All activities are communicated to the client before, during, and after service deliverance.

It is our philosophy that clients can't be treated as statistics. Our high standards do not allow us to have even one dissatisfied customer. With our personnel's attitude, knowledge, our proven carpet cleaning Arlington VA process, and superior equipment, we fulfill our customer's needs.

Familiarize yourself with our work or speak with one of our satisfied customers:

• Alonzo L. Sunrise Maid Cleaners (703) 909-4780
• Steve H. Contractor Prudential™ Realtors™ (703) 477-5226
• Francisco A. Realtor, Virginia (703) 932-0014
• Marcos E. Office Cleaner, Washington DC Building (703) 909-0543

Equipment is important in achieving excellent work. Each unit is designed to help us accomplish our services as demonstrated below.

Mounted Truck
The truck mounted equipment houses our steam cleaning system. It sprays the carpet surface with hot water and a cleaning solution, and then extracts them along with the stains into a tank. The equipment also carries a portable system, which is effortlessly brought inside the house. This equipment is so powerful that it performs any task efficiently and reduces drying time.

CFR Pro 2500 CFM Dryer Wind Station™
This blower is used to reduce the drying process, which saves time and money. It works for carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. Made of durable black polyethylene and tough galvanized steel, it is easy to transport, carry, and handle. Its control allows proper airflow management.

A portable unit engineered to make cleaning operations more efficient and built with the highest quality parts, the Cheyenne is the finest cleaning machine in the industry. Its configuration disposes of wastewater and maintains heat under the most demanding conditions.

Rotovac cleans better, leaves the carpet drier, and is much easier to use than a regular cleaning wand. It uses Rotary Jet Extraction™, which thoroughly cleans the carpet fiber from all directions to produce superior cleaning results. It carries a high-powered portable extractor, equipped with 2-stage vacuums and a 100-psi. pump. Each portable extractor comes with a 25' vacuum and solution hose set.