Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning With A Difference


To achieve excellent results, we go above and beyond the call of duty. We approach every job as if we were cleaning our own homes to ensure a quality finish every time. Count on us for family-friendly and employee allergen-fighting green carpet cleaning services. Beto’s Carpet Cleaning in Arlington, VA  is a complete service providing deep cleans at an affordable rate. We stand behind all our work and give you an option to check our first-room work. If you like it, we will continue to complete the job. If you do not, we will respect and accept your decision and promptly leave your home or office.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Our Procedures For Washing & Cleaning Include:

  • Identifying the areas to be cleaned
  • Determining stains according to color and type of carpet
  • Corner-to-corner vacuuming
  • Cleansing heavily soiled traffic areas with stain remover
  • Brushing and removing stains
  • Cleansing the area with shampoo
  • Immediately removing shampooed water and residues with carpet cleaning machine
  • Ventilating the cleaned area

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Expert Cleaning Services


We provide thorough steam carpet cleaning in Arlington VA to commercial and residential clients in Northern Virginia and the surrounding communities. Our client’s
recommendations and our insured and licensed credentials confirm our credibility.

Our services include:

  • Carpet stairs cleaning
  • Pet odor and stain removal
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Power Washing
Carpet Cleaning

Pet Deodorizing


Accidents happen, and stains are unpleasant to treat and difficult to eliminate. Home cleaning essentials are usually empty or missing when a new stain happens. That is when professional assistance is needed. Beto’s Carpet Cleaning removes your pet stains and odors, leaving your home with a refreshing scent.

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State of The Art Equipment


Equipment is important in achieving excellent work. Each unit is designed to help us accomplish our services.

Rotovac cleans better, leaves the carpet drier, and is much easier to use than a regular cleaning wand. It uses Rotary Jet Extraction™, which thoroughly cleans the carpet fiber from all directions to produce superior cleaning results. It carries a high-powered portable extractor, equipped with 2-stage vacuums and a 100-PSI pump. Each portable extractor comes with a 25′ vacuum and solution hose set.
Cheyenne is a portable unit engineered with top quality parts to make cleaning operations more efficient. It is one of the finest cleaning machines in the carpet cleaning industry. Its configuration can dispose of wastewater and can maintain heat under the most demanding conditions.
CFR Pro 2500 CFM Dryer Wind Station™
This blower is used to reduce the drying process, which saves time and money. It works for carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. It is made of durable black polyethylene and tough galvanized steel, making it easier to transport, carry, and handle. Also, its control allows proper airflow management.